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Rhino Academy - Season 3 Sign up Information

What is it? It's an opportunity for parents to participate in ASAs (After-School Activities) and classes.

When? Season 3 is scheduled to run from 26 Feb to May 10th. Classes may run from 5 sessions to 10, excluding school holidays and PD day .

How to enroll? Schoolsbuddy is used for registration of Rhino Academy.

 (Please note: all parents need to register their classes under their student’s name. Please see here for the guideline).

  • Registration will close on  Feb 25

  • All payment should be made by cash or bank transfer to instructor before class commence

Why enroll? Participating in these activities allows parents to learn new skills and build connections with others.

Schedule Confirmation will come with a payment method .

Feel free to ask if you have any more questions or need further information!



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