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Rhino Hub Website Upgrades to Improve User Experience

We recently revamped the Rhino Hub website to enhance communication and ensure a user-friendly experience tailored to diverse needs of our parent community. Here are the key enhancements:

Homepage News Box Integration:

  • A user-friendly news has been incorporated on the homepage.

  • News is categorized into sections such as whole school, primary, and secondary news for easy navigation.

  • Acts as a centralized news portal, offering parents convenient access to the latest updates.

  • Simplified navigation includes streamlined access to school contacts, allowing parents to swiftly find relevant information specific to their child's school section.

Easier App Access Experience:

  • All ISHCMC apps are now integrated into one site on the Rhino Hub under the label of Apps.

  • Direct login links and password assistance are provided, accompanied by clear explanations of each app's purpose.

  • Enhances accessibility and demystifies the functionalities of various school apps for parents.

The updated website reflects changes based on valuable feedback, aiming to enhance the interaction and collaboration between the school and parents. We encourage ISHCMC parents to explore these improvements and share their thoughts. Your feedback is crucial as we continue striving for ongoing enhancements to better serve our community. Explore the Homepage for an improved experience and stay tuned for future updates as we work to refine your online experience.



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