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Rhino Rewards Program: Latest Updates for Our Community Members

Our community has always been a dynamic and vibrant place, and the Rhino Rewards program, a collaborative effort with ISHCMC, has been working to make it even more enjoyable for community members. If you're part of our community, particularly an ISHCMC parent, student, or employee, here's what's new with the Rhino Rewards program:

Expanding Perks

The Rhino Rewards program offers a range of exclusive benefits for its members. To take advantage of these perks, all you need to do is present your ISHCMC ID card when visiting partnered businesses. Recently, this list of benefits has grown, offering a more extensive range of advantages for our community members.

New Partners, Fresh Offers

The program has welcomed new partners, introducing exciting offers for you to explore and enjoy. This expansion means more options for community members to experience.

Strengthening Community Bonds

The Rhino Rewards program focuses on more than just offering discounts; it's also about fostering a stronger sense of community. By engaging local businesses, the program encourages connections and mutual support within our community.

Supporting Local Businesses

Beyond community benefits, Rhino Rewards is also beneficial for local businesses. By creating connections and exposure, community members contribute to the growth of these local establishments.

How to Get Involved

For businesses interested in becoming a Rhino Rewards partner or individuals who wish to suggest potential partners, the process is straightforward. You can contact ISHCMC through to express your interest or make a recommendation.

Stay Updated

If you want to stay informed about the latest offers and program updates, visit the Rhino Rewards program's website or simply click [here].



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