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School Photos 2022/23 - Information for Grade 12

Just a quick reminder that school photos will be taking place between the 1st to the 3rd of November. As your child is in Grade 12, the school photos will also include their Graduate photos, and we would like to share with you information to ensure they are fully prepared.

School Photos

There will be two photo sessions, a Grade 12 Group photo and their own individual graduate photo.

Please note this graduate photo is in addition to the Grade 12 student photo (in the regular school uniform) with your advisory.

Below is an overview of the schedule:

Individual Graduate Photos

We will be holding a series of drop-in graduate photo session slots. Students are invited to come at any of the times indicated below.

Tuesday– 1st of November

8:45 to 10:30

15:30 to 16:15

Wednesday – 2nd of November

7:30 to 08:45

15:30 to 16:15

Thursday – 3rd of November

7:30 to 08:45

15:30 to 16:15

Students will pick up their gown on the 3rd floor, outside the MPR, come into the MPR for the photo shoot and then return their gown to the outside hangers.

Graduate Group Photo

Tuesday – 1st of November

Time: 7:45 - 8:45

Location: Theater

Students will need to ensure they come to the theater dressed in their gown for 7:45. The theater will be open from 7:30 onwards. Gowns will be available for pick up on the 3rd floor outside the MPR. The picture will take place at 7:45. Students should also ensure that they are wearing smart trousers/skirt and smart (black) shoes.

Note on School Photos

Please note that these school photos, especially the group photo, may become official photos used for ISHCMC’s marketing and communications. If your child would like to opt out and therefore not have your individual photo shared or be in the group photo, please contact



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