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School Wide Leadership Teams

The ISHCMC mission is as relevant to our staff as it is for our students. As a result, it is important for the school’s operating structures to provide opportunities for staff to work with each in an environment where all members of the community are energized, engaged and empowered as active participants of our school community. Therefore the school’s leadership structure is strongly influenced by the school mission in that it seeks to maximize the opportunities for all members of our team to be engaged in working alongside their colleagues and empowered to embed innovative, immersive and sustainable practices that positively impact on student learning.

The following principles are applied in determining the ISHCMC leadership structure;

  • Distributive Leadership is of benefit to the organization and the individuals within,

  • Teachers and staff are empowered to collaborate in decision making and implementation of curriculum

  • Collaboration is valued as a tool for innovation and development

  • We need to ensure successful day to day operations whilst nurturing strategic growth that is innovative, immersive and sustainable.

Practically these principles are seen in action through our Secondary and Primary School leadership structures and our School-Wide leadership teams. Let’s get to know some of the school wide teams that contribute to ISHCMC’s continued achievement.

Our Senior Strategic Leadership and Design Team

The Senior Strategic Leadership and Design Team is a working group responsible for envisioning and implementing long-term goals, developing innovative educational strategies, and ensuring effective resource allocation. The team provides guidance for goals, promotes a positive learning environment, and fosters collaboration among various stakeholders.

Our Councils

The Councils are at the heart of the school's commitment to distributed leadership and continuous improvement. These Councils ensure that multiple voices are part of our schools decision making and drive the development and implementation of our development plans.

The Teaching and Learning Council is a working group focused on enhancing instructional practices and promoting academic excellence. They collaborate to develop curriculum frameworks, review policy, implement innovative teaching methodologies, facilitate professional development programs, and ensure the effective integration of technology in the learning process, fostering a dynamic and student-centered educational environment. For example, the Teaching and Learning Council has proactively defined standards of teaching practice, closely aligning them with the ISHCMC principles of high-quality teaching and learning. This dynamic process empowers educators to continually refine their pedagogical methods, thus guaranteeing students an education of the highest standards.

Our Wellbeing Council

The Wellbeing Council is a working group that prioritizes the physical and mental health of students and staff. They organize wellness initiatives, conduct workshops on stress management and mindfulness, promote a positive and inclusive school culture, and establish support systems to address the individual needs of the school community.

Our Health and Safety Council

The Health and Safety Council is a working group that prioritizes the well-being and security of students and staff. They establish safety protocols, conduct regular inspections, provide training on emergency preparedness, coordinate health initiatives, and ensure compliance with health and safety regulations, fostering a secure and nurturing environment for all.



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