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SEASAC Recap: Our Stingrays "Seas" the Day!

It was great to be a part of our FIRST ever virtual swim competition - JR. SEASAC. This is a very prestigious event for our swimmers, as there is really tough competition from Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

For this event, the swimmers wanted to imitate the event, as if we were doing team travel. To do this, the swimmers organized a team bonding event at Timezone. The swimmers had tons of fun competing against each other in the arcade games. After that, we headed to Pizza Company for some much-deserved lunch.

Finally, we held the swim event at ISHCMC. Parents and ISHCMC students were present and very supportive. There were tons of cheers from the stands to help motivate our swimmers. This support allowed our team to place 2nd overall in the girls’ division and 3rd overall in the boys’ division.

Looking at the results, there was some really close finishes:

  1. Seunghyun won 400m FREE by .43 of a second. This is HUGE. in a 400 event and would have been a race to the finish.

  2. Kennedy was 1st in 100m FREE by .04. That is literally a blink of an eye!

  3. Pepper was 3rd in 50m FREE by .12

  4. There would've been many ISHCMC supporters screaming as our 9-12 boys medley relay won by .54

Our swimmers also had high rankings individually:

12 & Under Girls:

  • 4th Yoo

  • 8th Pepper

12 & Under Boys:

  • 1st Namyoon

  • 4th Joel and Devin

  • 9th Terry

13-14 Girls:

  • 1st Kennedy

  • 2nd Minh Anh and SeungHyun

  • 9th Amanda and Yuuki

13-14 Boys:

  • 8th Hwan

  • 10th Don

We are glad to say that our first virtual swim meet was a success! Go Stingrays!!



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