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Shaping Our New Image: Our School's Rebranding Journey

In 2022, our school embarked on a significant journey to revamp its branding and visual identity, partnering with the esteemed branding agency, Rice. This collaboration aimed to ensure that our school's image aligns seamlessly with our core mission and aspirations. This comprehensive approach included an array of activities, from engaging in brand building workshops to conducting thorough research and audits, all aimed at gaining valuable insights into the needs and expectations of our community. If you are interested to learn more on why we are embarking on this rebranding journey, click the video below:

As we stand today, we've progressed to the visual identity stage with guidance from branding experts at Rice. We've explored several potential directions for our new identity and have already gathered valuable feedback from parents who play a pivotal role in our school community.

Yet, our endeavor does not stop here. We are committed to ensuring that our new identity truly represents all stakeholders. As such, we are in the process of seeking input from students, alumni, teachers, and staff. The diverse perspectives of our entire school community are vital in shaping this transformation, making it a collective effort that reflects our shared values and ambitions.

This collaborative process aims to refine and solidify a visual and verbal identity with the expertise of Rice, a partnership that will not only resonate with our community but also propel The International School of Ho Chi Minh City to greater heights. Our ultimate goal is to establish a lasting legacy that will benefit future generations and underscore our commitment to excellence in education.



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