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Speaker Series for Parents - May 2023

For our Monthly Speaker Series for Parents, please register below for May talk. All parents and adults of our school are welcome, including staff and faculty.

Topic: Gender and Sexuality Terminology 101

Description: This talk is for any adult looking to deepen their understanding of LGTBQIA+ concepts and terminology to help create a more understanding world. Everyone's continued commitment to understanding all identities help our youth, our colleagues, communities, and our children's friends establish their own identities and feel safe and understood around us.

Guest Speaker: The Rainbow Workshop is a Vietnamese-owned non-profit organization that creates safe and scientific learning spaces about gender and gender equality through learning events. With a special focus on educating parents and older generations on the realities and lived experiences of new generations, they create non-judgmental spaces to teach LGTBQIA+ concepts and terminology in order to replace fear and stereotypes with deeper empathy and understanding.

Find out more on their website here

Presentation/Discussion in Vietnamese

Date: Tuesday, May 9 Time: 6:00 - 7:00 PM Location: Primary Meeting Room

Presentation/Discussion in English

Date: Thursday, May 11 Time: 6:00 - 7:00 PM Location: Secondary iLearn Room 405

You can register here

Should you have any questions, please contact or



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