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Stingray Update: ISHCMC Swim Invitational 2024

Date : 18th - 19th May

Get ready for the upcoming ISHCMC Swim Invitational 2024! 🏊‍♂🏆 Set to make a splash at the ISHCMC Secondary Campus from May 18th to 19th, this annual two-day swimming competition brings together top-tier swimmers from various local and international schools for a blend of excitement and competitive spirit. 🌊

Expect a dynamic lineup of 16 teams from seven countries, showcasing the diverse talent pool in this year's invitational. Athletes will tackle a range of challenging individual and relay events, promising thrilling performances and fierce competition. 🌟 #ISHCMC #ISHCMCPride #SwimInvitational #ISHCMC2024 #SwimLife #cognitaway



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