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Stingrays Update - September 2021

Hello! Welcome back to a new school year! I’m Alice Peng, the new aquatics team manager for ISHCMC Aquatics Department.

I’m an ISHCMC parent and this is our 3rd year in the stingray community. I look forward to getting to know everyone and you can contact me via with any questions. I hope everyone had a good and restful summer and is ready to start your aquatics journey with ISHCMC Aquatics!

This year, as we start the school year with HBL, the aquatics department would like to offer our fellow stingrays and any ISHCMC student to join the swim team’s online training sessions for you to connect with your teammates, improve your fitness, and balance your mental health with some fun physical activities!

Primary School

For the Primary school (silver and gold teams) with Coach Lucas, there will be 2 sessions per week. One on Monday @3:10 pm for Grade 3-5 and one on Wednesday @ 3:10 for Grade 1-2. Please click here for more information regarding the primary aquatics program and sign-up form.

Secondary School

For the Secondary school (platinum team) with Coach Tom, there will be a session on Friday @ 4pm and additional self-guided sessions for all current and future stingrays. Please click here for Coach Tom’s newsletter and detailed information with sign-up form regarding the virtual training sessions.

As we move forward and when we are able to return to campus, we will hold try-outs for the Stingray team. All current and future Stingrays will have to attend tryouts. We will also hold an information session with everyone once the students are allowed back on campus.


We would love it if you and your family can join us for the upcoming social night on Friday, September 24 @7 pm! During social night, we will start with a quick introduction and play some fun games. We would also like to invite any old stingrays that have left to come join us to reconnect with our fellow stingrays. Once a Stingray, always a Stingray!

If interested to attend social night, please complete this form and if you know any Stingrays that have left, let them know to come visit us on social night! We also will make a video message for those Stingrays that left this past summer as we weren’t able to have an end of year party last term. If you would like to record a 3-5 second message, please upload here (please do so by Sept. 17).

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me, (, or Coach Lucas (, or Coach Tom ( We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.



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