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Stingrays Shine at Secondary SISAC Swim Championship with Standout Performances

The Stingrays swim team put on an impressive performance at the recent Secondary SISAC Swim Championship, securing a solid 2nd place overall. In the Girls 10-12 category, Youna from Grade 7 clinched 1st place, showcasing remarkable skill and determination.

Moving on to the Girls 15 and over category, Enna Ku of Grade 10 demonstrated her prowess in the pool, securing a well-deserved 2nd place. The Boys 10-12 category witnessed another amazing performance, with Seoyoon from Grade 7 claiming the 1st place spot.

The team's success at various levels reflects not only individual excellence but also the collective effort and dedication of the Stingrays. The swimmers' commitment to their sport, coupled with their outstanding performances, has undoubtedly left a lasting impression on the Secondary SISAC Swim Championship.

As the Stingrays continue to make waves in the swimming scene, the future looks promising for this talented group of athletes. Congratulations to Youna, Enna, Seoyoon, and the entire Stingrays team for their remarkable achievements at the championship.



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