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Student Elections at ISHCMC Secondary

This week our Secondary week has been campaign central, with speeches, posters and more as our young hopefuls try their best to be this year's leaders of ISHCMC.

We checked in with Preet Dhaliwal, ISHCMC's Sustainability and Service Lead, who has been supporting our students throughout the week to find out more. "We ultimately hold student elections to give the student body a voice. The Student Executive Team and the Rhino House Captains play an integral role in campus life." Shared Preet

"The elected leaders work to energize, engage and empower student voice, choice and agency. They champion school spirit, work with school administration and manage and lead many school events throughout the year."

"There is a rigorous process to become a student leader at ISHCMC including a nomination process that needs to be endorsed, a formal interview with a teacher, a candidate forum, and a speech. The student body elects 14 student leaders from the 137 candidates who began the journey in mid August. Voting will be on Friday, Sept. 09 from 8am-4pm"

Good luck to all our student candidates and well done for taking part!



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