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Students Shine at Speak Up Your Mind Event

Over the summer period, the Indian Chamber of Commerce (INCHAM) of Vietnam called for young minds to share their thoughts in a digital talk show. The event was organized with the upcoming digital platforms, YAYSKOOL and YAYTALK to help encourage children to speak their mind.

We were so thrilled to see that four students from ISHCMC decided to get involved, Anshul, Samvritha, Sathvikh and Ayaan.

They did a fantastic job taking on one of the two relevant and thought-provoking questions:

1. How to stay positive in a pandemic.

2. How I can contribute to society

INCHAM kindly shared with us links to their amazing answers.

In answering the question, “How to Stay Positive in a Pandemic?” Anshul shared, “We should avoid the false news about the pandemic as the media is full of false news, which can stress you out and make you tense.”

In answering the same question, as part of Sathvikh’s great advice, she revealed, “The first thing you have to do is to share love with your family and friends as they are a major source of your happiness. They’ll be able to help you in any situation, so you also have to help them in any situation.”

While Ayaan shared what he does during the day to keep positive during this time, “I stay positive during the pandemic by doing my hobbies, learning something new, and just being active, like getting some exercise.”

Samvritha decided to take on the second question, “How I can contribute to society”, and shared these words of wisdom, “right now the most essential contribution that all of us need to do is to stay at home. This will not only help you be COVID free, but also helps others too.”

Thank you very much INCHAM for holding such a fantastic online event and well done to our students for doing an amazing job.



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