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Super T Matik Mental Math Competition

Super T Matik Mental Math competition is an international math competition for students ages 6-15. Students complete computations in their heads as quickly as possible.

Students should register on the website

1. Click “login”

2. Click “register”

3. Enter the email address and password. On their individual profile, students will be able to check the games they have played, wins and losses, as well as their best time and ranking.

Students should practice at least five times before the primary school finals on March 9, 2022. Mr Wardell will provide details for the school finals for the secondary students after they contact him to express their interest in the competition.

Students that wish to compete in the school finals should contact Jody Ubert at in the primary school and Kieran Wardell at

Students that make it to the international finals will compete the first week of May. Best of luck to our competitors!



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