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Sustainable Future for ISHCMC

Our new Service and Sustainability Lead, Preet Dhaliwal believes there is nothing more urgent than connecting back to our ailing planet through sustainability and service youth actions. As a Sustainability Instructional Coach, Preet has motivated, guided, supported and championed students, teachers, and community members to spearhead action that improves the local community and beyond.

Now at ISHCMC, Preet is already planning and implementing huge projects, events and activities for the academic year ahead, to engage not just our students but the whole of the ISHCMC Community.

Sustainability Symposium

One such event will be the ISHCMC Sustainability Symposium taking place in April next year. For this event ISHCMC will be partnering with Target 4 Green.

Not only is this Symposium the first to be held in Vietnam, but it is also developing into the most student organized and led, with CAS groups working directly with Target4Green as a mentor/supervisor and as part of their CAS Projects.

This will be part of the COP21 series that stands for 21st Conference of the Parties and extends from the Paris Climate Agreement. The mission is to mobilize school communities around the world on climate & sustainable development action.

The Symposium is being planned as a virtual event but will adapt to being hybrid if circumstances related to COVID-19 change.

To find out more information about Target 4 Green, click here.

Get Involved

Currently, Preet is inviting all ISHCMC community members to MAKE AN IMPACT!

She is inviting our community to download the EarthProject APP, sponsored by The Climate Action Project, and join their respective Rhino House.

This friendly is a house event, open to parents and students alike. Points will be collected by calculating your carbon footprint, taking small actions & making informed decisions.

For more information about the Climate Action Project click here.

If you have any questions about sustainability or service at ISHCMC, do reach out to Preet at:



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