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Welcome Home Rhinos! Teachers Back on Campus

Monday the 18th of October marked a big step in our long, safe return to school. For the first time this academic year, teachers were allowed to come back to campus.

Ms. Kim Green, our Head of School shared “It was great to be on campus with our #AbsolutelyPositivelyISHCMC faculty and support staff. We cannot wait to have our students back on campus! It will happen and we are ready!”

While Ms. Kate Grant, our Primary Principal revealed "It was great to see such wonderful energy, where people can see some hope and that things were changing. It has been fantastic. Coming back and seeing people on campus again, really lifted the spirits of everyone to0. It gave us hope that kids will soon come back to campus."

During this time, our teachers and staff are following 5K protocols strictly as per the governmental guidelines, and moving forward, we are committed to three key goals in guiding our practice as we navigate our way into our new world ‘living with COVID’. These are as follows:

1. Ensure the health and safety of the ISHCMC community

2. Ensure the continuity of learning for all students

3. Be responsive to the needs of our community as we begin to navigate uncertainty”

For more information on the road map back to campus, please check out the latest: Head of School & Parent Forum



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