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Teaching Our Children Courage, Resilience, and How to Fail Well: Parenting Today’s Post-COVID Digital Children

Empower your child to thrive in school, work, and life! Join our dynamic seminar to learn resilience, digital skills and how to “fail well”.

In this globally delivered talk, Lance King will discuss essential skills for children of all ages to effectively navigate life's challenges and academic setbacks, fostering strength and resilience.

We believe today's children are truly distinct, having navigated the digital landscape and endured the challenges of the Covid pandemic from a young age. Despite being immersed in endless online knowledge and connectivity, they also face a world increasingly designed to capture their attention for profit. This constant connection can worsen their fears and anxieties.

How can we effectively guide and support our children in this complex digital era?

This seminar will show parents all the vital digital and non-digital skills their children need to maximize their success at school, at university and in all future careers and business opportunities. It will give parents many practical tips on how to raise children to be resilient, courageous and actively engaged with both the real and the digital worlds. 

This talk will be in English but the slides are already translated into Vietnamese. 


Parenting skills you’ll learn:

  • The role of self-esteem and self-confidence in effective learning, and how to develop both in our children.

  • Strategies for teaching our children how to “fail well” through their challenges, and continuously succeed in school, university and jobs.

  • Practical tips on balancing digital engagement with real-world connection in today’s world.


Speaker Bio:

Lance King is an internationally recognized author, teacher and workshop facilitator who, in the last 28 years, has worked in over 300 schools in 38 countries with many thousands of students, teachers and parents. 

Lance has been on television programs in Vietnam including VTV’s Chuyện Bên Ly Cafe, a morning news program, along with numerous speaking engagements worldwide, which you can explore further on his website

He is highly sought after for workshops geared towards teachers, students, and parents, and has authored six books on teaching and learning. Two of his books have been translated into Chinese, French, Vietnamese, and Spanish. You'll have the opportunity to purchase his latest book at this session.

Moreover, Lance is the creator behind the Art of Learning program taught to over 250,000 students worldwide.

Specializing in teaching thinking and learning skills, he crafted the Approaches to Learning (ATL) framework for the International Baccalaureate Organisation's MYP and DP programs, now implemented in over 5,000 IB schools across 160 countries. Emphasizing 21st-century skills and competencies, Lance's framework equips students for success in today's world. Residing in Raglan, New Zealand now, Lance, married with four grown-up children, divides his time between delivering workshops around the world and writing.

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