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Three Way Conference - Important Information

We are excited to be hosting the third of our ISHCMC Conferences on January 27th, the three-way conference. The purpose of this conference is to provide time for a meaningful and constructive conversation between student, parent and teacher about learning with the student leading the conversation. The focus is on self-reflection on learning and identifying a growth area. (goal setting)

As we are still in Home Based Learning we will use the ‘Semester One Written Report’ as the basis for this conversation and goal setting. Please share your child’s report with them once you receive it.

This year we have a new platform to sign-up for the three-way conferences. It is called ‘Meet the Teacher’. Some of you will have used this for ASAs. This platform is easy to use and enables you to access the video link for your conference.

Specialist subject teachers do not participate in these conferences. We will be inviting you to ‘Glass Classes’ and ‘Events’ in PE and Arts and to the G1 and G2 concert in Music later this semester.

To help our families with multiple children, the sign-ups are as follows:

  • Families with 3 children or more on Friday 14th January

  • Families with 2 children or more on Tuesday 18th January

  • Families with only 1 child on Thursday 20th January

Each conference is 15 minutes and a timer will count down to the end of the conference so that it is not an abrupt finish. There is a built in 5 minute transition. Therefore you can schedule back to back conferences for multiple children.

In order to access ‘Meet the Teacher’ the IT department will send you an email that provides you with your login code and a user guide. This will be sent by 4pm today Thursday January 13th.

In brief what you need to do:

Using your personal email login to the ‘Meet the Teacher’ parent link on the platform Parent Link

  • Enter the ‘Parent Login Code’ sent to you from the IT Department

  • Select ‘ISHCMC Primary 3 Way Conferences’

  • Select ‘manual’

  • Choose teacher (you may select multiple teachers)

  • Select your conference time based on your availability - click on the plus sign

  • If you need to add a message you may

  • Click save

  • Book your next child’s conference if applicable

Please see the attached essential agreement on ISHCMC Three-Way Conferences. This agreement identifies the purpose, the team and the role of the student, the teacher and the parents in these conferences.

Please email for support with this platform.

Thank you for your continued support.


Kate and the Primary team

Please call Kate on 09339101091 or email on with any questions or clarifications around this process.



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