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Top 5 Ways to Help Students Stay Healthy Online

As educators, we hear it all the time, parents are frustrated and need help with how to help their children navigate digital devices used for educational and recreational purposes.

The following five tips will help parents keep their children more balanced when using digital devices and assist those who may have a digital addiction:

  1. Set Clear Guidelines – Establish rules for how digital devices should be used by clearly communicating expectations about acceptable use and consequences for noncompliance.

  2. Monitor Usage Times – Track device usage times; set specific digital device-free times and digital limits for digital device use. Turn off the router at bedtime, and have the whole family device free at a particular hour.

  3. Provide Alternatives – Encourage digital detox by providing children with other activities to keep them off devices, including outdoor physical activities, reading, playing board games, or even engaging in a digital device-free hobby.

  4. Lead by Example – Parents need to lead by example and set the precedence of responsible digital device use, as it can go a long way towards teaching their children discipline.

  5. Seek Professional Help – Parents should seek help from an expert, such as a psychologist or counselor, if digital addiction is present. It is important to note that digital addiction is a real issue, and professional guidance can help.

These five tips can help parents ensure their children’s digital device follows responsible boundaries. By doing so, parents can help children take full advantage of digital devices while avoiding the potential dangers of digital addiction.



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