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Transforming ISHCMC's Campus: Celebrating Our Outstanding Facility Summer Projects at ISHCMC

As ISHCMC gets ready up for another academic year, the campus has undergone significant transformations during the summer break. The facilities team has been hard at work, focusing on key projects that aim to enhance the overall learning experience for students across both the Primary and Secondary Schools. Listening and Responding to Your Suggestions

The driving force behind these campus improvements has been the active collaboration between students, parents, and staff. Your feedback received has been instrumental in shaping the direction of these projects, reflecting the shared commitment to creating an optimal learning environment. This partnership underscores the importance of aligning physical spaces with pedagogical goals, ensuring that the campus continues to evolve as a hub of educational excellence.

Below you will find an overview of the substantial improvements that have taken place, influenced by the feedback and suggestions we received from the ISHCMC community.

Primary School:

Primary School Cafeteria
  • Primary School Cafeteria Stage 1 and 2 (out of 3) have been successfully completed, providing our students with an enhanced dining area.

  • Early Explorers now boasts two new classrooms, allowing us to accommodate more young learners effectively.

  • Grade 1 classrooms and space have been reconfigured to optimize the learning environment for our primary students.

  • The final stage (Stage 3) of the Primary School Cafeteria is still in progress, promising further enhancements to the facility.

Early Explorers Classroom
Grade 1 Classroom

Secondary School:

Uniform Shop

Secondary Fitness Center

Renovated Room 205 - 206
  • The Uniform Shop has been relocated to the Ground Floor, making it more accessible and convenient for students and parents.

  • We are setting up a new PTO Display and Shop Front (Rhino Hut) on the Ground Floor, offering an improved space for our parent-teacher organization's activities.

  • On the 2nd Floor, three new office spaces have been created, contributing to a more efficient administrative setup.

  • Two new classrooms (205 and 206) have been built, ensuring ample learning space for our secondary students.

  • The Fitness Center has been relocated to Room 201, providing a dedicated and updated area for students' physical well-being.

  • New storage areas have been assigned for the Uniform Shop, PTO, and Housekeeping, streamlining operations across the campus.

  • The security at Gate B entrance has been activated in preparation for a safe and secure opening.

  • The guard house at Grade C has been expanded to better manage campus security.

Ongoing future projects include:

  • IT and Facilities Offices are currently undergoing improvements to enhance their functionality.

  • The Staff Lounge is being designed to offer a comfortable and relaxing space for our hardworking faculty and staff.



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