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Unforgettable Moments: Celebrating our Class of 2023 at the Opera House Graduation Ceremony

Our Grade 12 graduation ceremony held at the esteemed Opera House last weekend was an extraordinary and indelible event, brimming with uncontainable joy and profound pride. The ambiance was charged with palpable excitement and an overwhelming sense of honor. With admiration, parents and family members gazed upon their accomplished graduates, resplendent in their elegant gowns and caps, as they gracefully accepted their hard-earned diplomas, symbolizing the culmination of their remarkable educational voyage at ISHCMC.

We take immense pride in presenting our esteemed Class of 2023, consisting of 95 graduating seniors. With each student hailing from unique and diverse backgrounds, their journey at our institution has been as varied as their individual experiences. While some have been part of our educational community for years, others joined us more recently. However, they all share a common aspiration - to become accomplished and prosperous adults. It is worth noting that many of our graduates have set their sights on pursuing higher education at prestigious universities abroad, while others have chosen to embark on different personalized paths, following their passions and aspirations.

The achievements of the graduates were celebrated in a touching speech by Mrs. Kim Green, our Head of School.

‘You have chosen to flourish as energized, engaged and empowered learners’, Mrs. Kim shared.

As our graduates move forward in their journeys, they will go on to achieve their heart's desires and become responsible global citizens. We believe that by moving forward to a bigger community, our students will be able to show their potential and knowledge to the world, to mark themselves as talented individuals that can contribute to the development of their surroundings.

We acknowledge that no student can reach their full potential without the love, support and guidance of their parents. At ISHCMC, we nurture our students’ values and hearts. However, we couldn’t do that without our parents. Parents have filled their child with expectation and dreams, have supported them unconditionally and have been such influential motivation for the students to reach their milestone today.

We wish to offer our heartfelt congratulations to these exceptional graduates, and we are proud to have been a part of their growth, development and shaping their bright futures.

To watch the Graduation Ceremony in full - click here
To view photos from the event - click here



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