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Unleashing Creativity of Young Writers: Introducing The Imagination Collaboration Club

A student-led initiative, the Imagination Collaboration Club was established earlier this year by Avanee, a talented Grade 9 student. The club was created to cater to students who have a keen interest in creative writing and who want to share their thoughts and ideas with others through writing. Last semester, the club had around 20 members which continues to grow.

Each month, the goal of the club is to release one newspaper which covers a variety of topics throughout the school, from school life, student’s perspective to current issues and much more. To date, two issues of the school newspaper have been published and, next year, they have big plans to keep reporting and publishing.

We sat down with the club’s founder, Avanee, to find out more.

“I feel like starting a magazine would help increase the community strength in our school and also it helps people to express themselves through writing.”

By reading the newspaper, Avanee believes that people can learn more about ISHCMC and understand the community better.

Additionally, she shared that by joining the club, it allows students’ communication and collaborative skills to be improved:

“Some of the members weren’t really friends with each other when they first joined the club. However, I saw them talking and asking their fellows for help. They have come out of their shell and have been more interactive with each other”, Avanee commented.

The Imagination Collaboration Club is a great student-led initiative that fosters creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration. Acknowledging that the Newspaper Club members are very passionate with what they are doing, we aim to feature their work in our upcoming newsletters.

Therefore, starting from next school year, we will routinely dedicate a section on our bi-weekly newsletter to feature the students’ newspaper. Parents will also be able to find the newspaper on the Rhino Hub as well. We believe that by doing this, parents will have the chance to read these unique perspectives and gain a deeper understanding of our school life and community



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