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Final Reminder: Cognita Voice of the Parent Survey

This is a final reminder to complete the Voice of the Parent Survey. Please note a link to complete this survey was sent to you directly from Cognita from’. If you have not received the link please check your spam folder or contact for support.

For further information about the Voice of the Parent Survey, please see below:

Our school and community are continuously seeking ideas and ways to improve how we can provide the best experience for both our students and families. Being part of the Cognita School’s Group enables us to use valuable tools to support us in achieving this. One such tool being the Cognita Voice of the Parent survey.

What is the Voice of the Parent survey?

Cognita’s Voice of the Parent survey is an effective platform for our school to gather feedback from our parents which covers a wide-ranging scope of their experience at ISHCMC. Responses are kept confidential and are only viewable by the leadership teams at ISHCMC and Cognita. Please do also note that family-specific responses will be anonymized if necessary.

When will the survey be sent out?

The survey will be sent to parents directly by Cognita on the 2nd of February. Please note the survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

The deadline to complete the survey will be 23rd of February.

How does the Voice of the Parent survey work?

Parents will be asked to provide a response and feedback to a number of questions that relate to a wide range of areas of school life, from teaching and learning, to school services.

There is a scale of 1 - 10, which represents your level of satisfaction. The responses to this scale will provide the school areas that you believe we are being successful in and those that require attention for improvement.

Respondents are also invited to provide feedback and comments to support their score.

What impact does this survey have?

The results of this survey make a significant contribution to the direction of how our school looks to improve our educational and community experience. Do note that the feedback, suggestions and ideas become woven into both our ongoing short and long term plans.

Will our community receive the results?

We are committed to being transparent with our community. In the weeks following the survey closing, we will collate and discuss the feedback obtained with the relevant leaders at ISHCMC. Themes and trends will be identified across the divisions of school life, which will be published to our community.

We aim to respond to specific questions and feedback with those members of our community in a timely manner where possible.

If you have any questions or require support in accessing the survey after February the 2nd, please reach out to the community team –

Thank you for your ongoing support in improving ISHCMC by completing this survey.



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