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Worcester College - Academic Enrichment Programme

We are delighted to invite applications for a two-week academic programme exclusively for Cognita students at Worcester College (University of Oxford) in April 2023. This collaboration between Cognita and Worcester College will provide students with an Oxford college experience, combining the highest level of academic rigour with a unique insight into the opportunities associated with living and studying at an Oxford college. This is a programme for ambitious students (age 15-18) that wish to challenge themselves with the highest standard of academic learning.

Students will be able to choose one of the following cutting-edge courses:

  1. Economics and Business Management in a changing world

  2. Artificial Intelligence and the world of Python computer coding

  3. Philosophy, Politics and Law

As well as academic content, the programme will include a range of other activities encompassing sports, music and literature, plus seminars on Oxford traditions and cultural visits. We are confident that this will be a learning experience like no other.

Upon satisfactory completion of the programme, participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance and Achievement issued by Worcester College. Further details about the course and how to apply can be found in the attached flyer.

Please note that the deadline for applications is 21 January 2023. If you would be interested in a similar event in summer 2023, please let us know so that we can register your interest.

If you have any questions about the programme or the application process, please send them via email to:



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