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Your Feedback is needed - End of Year Co-Curricular Survey

Dear Parents and Students,

We kindly request your participation in our End of Year Co-Curricular Survey. Your feedback is invaluable as we strive to enhance the co-curricular experience for our community and students.

Please take a few minutes to complete the relevant survey:

For the Primary survey, parents are encouraged to complete it themselves. For the Secondary survey, we ask that students complete it either independently or collaboratively with you, parents.

The survey is organized by co-curricular programs:

  • Athletics (Rhinos Seasonal Sports Program)

  • Aquatics (Stingrays and Learn 2 Swim: Pups)

  • IPAA (ISHCMC Performing Arts Academy)

  • Production (Jungle Book/Cogs in the Machine)

  • Clubs and Activities (ASA)

  • Rhino Academy (Parents’ Enrichment Program)

It covers topics such as:

  • Feedback and satisfaction on specific programs

  • Suggestions for new activities to introduce

  • Ease of registration and communication about co-curricular offerings

  • Overall assessment of the individual co-curricular programs

Your responses will be completely anonymous.

We value your insights as they help us improve and tailor our co-curricular offerings to better meet the needs of our community.

The survey will be open until Friday, June 14th. We kindly ask that you complete it by this date.

Thank you for your time and cooperation.



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