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DB & MYP Science Teacher


Gordon Max Stewart

  • ​DB Biology, Chemistry & MYP Science Teacher

Gordon Stewart is a strong practitioner of inquiry-based learning.  He will be teaching MYP and DP Sciences this year at ISHCMC.  Mr. Stewart is from the United States and is a very experienced teacher, having started teaching in 1998.  He has extensive international teaching experience, having taught in Egypt, Japan, Croatia, and finally Vietnam.  In addition to science, Mr. Stewart is interested in SCUBA diving, chess, ultimate Frisbee, and literature. Gordon is married and is the proud father of two young sons. 



DB & MYP Science & Leader of Learning 


Justin Thomas Babcock

  • DB Physics & MYP Science & Leader of Learning 



MYP Science Teacher


Mala Claire Dorset

  • MYP Science Teacher

As a teacher, Sarah is dedicated to inspiring and engaging learners, instilling them with a love of reading that will stay with them throughout their lives. In the literature classroom, Sarah aims to ensure the curriculum is diverse, introducing students to new concepts and cultures. Sarah aims to encourage emotional intelligence in her students, ensuring there is enough time at the beginning and end of each lesson to be mindful and self-evaluate and encouraging them to adopt mindfulness techniques both in the classroom and at home.



DB Chemistry & MYP Science Teacher


Karen Medalla

  • ​DB Chemistry & MYP Science Teacher

For Karen, learning is a continuous process that promotes growth through reflection. It is important for teachers to be learners, as it is the key for them to be able to mentor, guide, nurture and love their students. Given the right environment of support, encouragement, challenges and meaningful reflection, students are able to achieve beyond their own expectations. As an educator, it is important for Karen to develop collaboration skills, creative  thinking skills, integrity and resilience among students.



PP Coordinator & MYP Science Teacher


Adam Abbas

  • PP Coordinator & MYP Science Teacher

Adams is passionate about learning innovative ways to make his students exceptional lifelong learners. Adam loves to foster student’s curiosity and channel their questions into learning experiences that are authentic and enduring. Adam believes that teaching involves being dynamic and flexible to the student’s needs, to adapt learning methods to what is needed for students to reach their goals.



MYP Science Teacher & SA Coordinator


Tatiana Cantillo

  • MYP Science Teacher & SA Coordinator

For Tatiana, students perform their best in a safe educational setting that considers their cognitive, emotional and social needs. The learner’s interest and skills should be incorporated into learning engagements, as it is an opportunity for students to form personal connections with the content and deepen their level of understanding.



Secondary Science Teacher

 PJ Baybay, Secondary Teacher.jpeg

PJ Baybay

  • Secondary Science Teacher

Originally from the Philippines, Mr.PJ started his education journey as an International school teacher in 2010. He was a middle school Science teacher in the Philippines for four years, in Malaysia for four years, and in Korea for five years. As an educator, Mr. PJ's experiences have provided him with in-depth knowledge and helped him to grow into a more understanding, reliable, and creative teacher. The learning journey a student and a teacher go through is critically important for the progress of the modern world. He feels exceptionally proud that he plays a role in this.



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