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A Rising Star in the Debating Arena: Aaron Nguyen and the Power of Critical Thinking

This week, ISHCMC proudly highlights the achievements of Aaron Nguyen, a grade 10 student and a rising star in the debating world. Aaron's dedication and critical thinking skills have propelled him to the grand finals of the Vietnam British Parliamentary Championship (VBC), and helped him achieve third-place overall in one of Vietnam's major debating tournaments for students.

"There are two main reasons why I joined VBC," Aaron explains. "First, it's an incredible opportunity to learn from other debaters across Vietnam, and from the international judges who participate in the tournament. But secondly, it's also about challenging myself to see how far I can take this passion."

Aaron's success isn't solely based on talent, it is the results of hours of study, practice within and beyond school hours. In his preparation for the tournament, Aaron extends his gratitude to the supportive learning environment at ISHCMC for playing a vital role in his development.

"The teachers here are incredibly supportive," Aaron says. "Whenever I have questions, they're always available to help.”

He also highlights the value of the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum at ISHCMC, emphasizing its role in developing critical thinking skills.

He notes, "The IB curriculum really helps me deeply in critical thinking. A lot of assessments, presentations, and public speaking classes require evaluating both sides of an argument. This skill is crucial in debate, where I need to think critically to build strong arguments and ultimately succeed in the competition."

The importance of community at ISHCMC is also a thing that Aaron values so much during his time at school. He expresses gratitude for his friends, who provide healthy competition and encouragement, pushing him to do his best and continually improve. Aaron acknowledges the pivotal role of his teachers in his development, stating, "I want to thank my teachers because they teach a lot of practical knowledge that I can apply in my debates."

In Aaron Nguyen, ISHCMC finds a beacon of the school's values of critical thinking and perseverance. His journey serves as an inspiration to students, parents, and educators alike, underscoring the profound influence of a supportive educational ecosystem.

As Aaron continues to excel, ISHCMC remains committed to fostering an environment where students can thrive academically and personally. The academic teams eagerly await Aaron's future achievements, knowing that he will continue to represent the ISHCMC with excellence.



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