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Empowering Parents: IB Curriculum Workshop Strengthens Community Bonds at ISHCMC

As a school with a highly diverse international community, we have one shared interest that unites us all: the IB curriculum. As an IB continuum school, we strive to help our parents understand, engage, and be knowledgeable about what their children are learning in school. This week, our community liaisons, in partnership with our PYP coordinators, Ishbel & Daniel, organized a workshop about the PYP curriculum for our Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese communities and discussed specific concerns and questions of each community.

One of the participants of the workshop has expressed that she now "feels confident enough to say that her family's decision to join ISHCMC was the right decision and believes that this is the right school for her children." Even though she is comfortable with communicating with teachers and staff using English on campus, her biggest challenge was understanding the difference between the national curriculum of her home country and the IB curriculum. She has further stated that she now understands why her child was so happy to go to school every day because the IB curriculum makes learning "fun"!

Such opportunities are valuable for many of our non-English speaking parents who are new to an international school, as well as the IB program. We hope to organize additional workshops in the future so that our entire community of parents can access the necessary and beneficial information during their journey at ISHCMC.


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