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From IB Student to Sustainability Champion: Dorothy Tran's Journey with Adorbsy

Let’s meet Dorothy Tran, our remarkable senior from ISHCMC Secondary Campus, who has a great passion for the environment. Dorothy's eco-project, Adorbsy, made waves by winning the Earth Prize in 2022, showcasing her dedication to sustainability. This achievement stands as a highlight in Dorothy's journey, inspiring others to join in creating a greener, more vibrant world.

Fueled by ISHCMC's Sustainability Drive

Reflecting on her journey, Dorothy shared how ISHCMC played in inspiring and guiding her journey. She recalls how encounters with inspiring entrepreneurs during this event fueled her drive to make a positive impact.

“ISHCMC's sustainability week introduced us to inspiring entrepreneurs in the field, showing us that making a positive impact is achievable," Dorothy said.

Additionally, she credits the transformative International Baccalaureate (IB) program at ISHCMC for shaping her approach toward sustainability. The curriculum instilled in her both knowledge and a sense of responsibility, empowering her to tackle environmental challenges with creativity and determination.

From these seeds of inspiration and education, Adorbsy grew. The idea emerged from a blend of creativity and necessity, with a surplus of dragon fruit in Vietnam due to the pandemic sparking the team's innovative solution.

"We wanted to tackle two issues at once: environmental sustainability and women's health," Dorothy shares, highlighting their dual-purpose approach.

Their dedication and hard work reached a peak moment when Adorbsy secured the Earth Prize 2022, emerging victorious among 651 teams from 516 schools across 114 countries and territories.

"The Earth Prize is where we wanted to present our idea first, but the actual implementation of our idea will be the next big step," Dorothy explains. "Winning this gives us a lot of strength to see where we can take this idea. This has been such a great learning experience."

Looking ahead to the future of their project Adorbsy, Dorothy emphasizes that winning the Earth Prize is just the beginning. As she and her team embark on the next phase of their journey, Dorothy shares a message for her peers and the wider community:

"I want to say to everyone that we'll be able to gain something out of every experience, so just try everything," she urges.

As Dorothy and her team continue to embark on their journey with Adorbsy, ISHCMC eagerly awaits the transformative impact they will undoubtedly have on environmental sustainability and women's health.

The school stands ready to support and celebrate their efforts to address pressing issues and contribute to a more sustainable future for all.



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