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Head of School Message - 20th March

One of the key responsibilities that we hold as a leadership team is ensuring that each year, we are recruiting excellent educators to join our school community. This year we have been recruiting great educators to join our team. We have appreciated hearing potential candidates share with us the reasons why they want to be part of our school community.  Candidates have shared with us that they have applied to our school due to its outstanding reputation in the international community as one of Asia’s top international schools. They tell us that they have applied to our school because:

  • We have a diverse, internationally-minded community.

  • Opportunities exist to work with students who are passionate, energised, engaged and excited to learn.

  • World-leading, innovative learning experiences are happening every day at ISHCMC.

  • Professional development is strongly supported, and the opportunities staff have to regularly host, lead and attend international education workshops and conferences.

  • Opportunities exist for our staff to take part in events, activities and trips beyond the classroom walls.

  • We actively live our ISHCMC mission and values to “inspire wellbeing and learning so all members of our diverse internationally-minded community flourish.”

To ensure that we are hiring the best educators for our children, we are guided by our ISHCMC Educator Profile and our Safer Recruitment Process and intentionally recruit a diverse range of educators.

Country of Origin for our Expatriate Faculty:

Qualifications of our Expatriate Faculty

Our Age Distribution Graph

To learn more about our ISHCMC Educator Profile and our Safer Recruitment Practices, please click here.

We are proud of our talented, caring, and professional staff and faculty who, in collaboration with our parents. create opportunities for our students. A few snapshots of these opportunities from the last two weeks include:

Our 30th Anniversary World Food Fest on Saturday, 09 March 2024 was an amazing success. It was an afternoon of community connection, fun, amazing performances, ISHCMC pride, full bellies, many smiles, and happy hearts. This event was made possible due to the extensive involvement of our parent community. Thank you to our PTO, Country Representatives, and our Events team for your collaboration in bringing this event to life. We are grateful to all of our parent volunteers who made our 30th Anniversary World Food Fest a blast!

The Grade 2 sleepover was a night of fun and adventures. The students had a chance to build friendships, develop skills, and take full ownership of the primary school campus overnight. This event is so important for Grade 2, helping them grow their independence and prepare for their first camp next year. Thank you to our Grade 2 team for creating this night of fun, laughter, and growth.

Our Grade 4 students had an amazing experience at camp.  When the students returned, they were filled with stories from their adventure.  It seems from a small poll with students returning that Ziplining might have taken the favourite activity spot. Thank you to the Grade 4 camp team for your dedication, commitment and positivity that made the camp an amazing experience for our students.

Our Grade 10 Personal Project Fair was a space for our students to share their 10-month journey completing an inquiry into an area of passion and interest. The students proudly shared their products and the process with parents, teachers, peers, and our Grade 9 students. Many of the students have learned that developing strategies for procrastination and time management are important life skills. The highlight of the evening was hearing all of our students articulate the way that the experience has helped them grow as learners. 

Our professional learning afternoon on Thursday, 14th March 2024, provided our educators with opportunities to collaborate on the vertical and horizontal curriculum, plan collaboratively with specialists, further embed explicit literacy skills into units of inquiry, and learn from each other. Our educators were involved in a wide range of differentiated opportunities across our campuses that continue to empower them with new strategies and tools to remain at the forefront of educational practice. A highlight of the afternoon was 32 teacher-led workshops!

In kindness and gratitude

Kim Green,

Head of School



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