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ISHCMC Rhinos Triumph at SISAC Cross Country League Meet

The ISHCMC Rhinos Cross Country team had a triumphant weekend as they traveled to AISVN for the SISAC league meet. In this exciting event, the Secondary School team showcased their dedication and talent, securing an impressive 1st place overall finish. Let's take a closer look at their outstanding performances across various categories.

U13 Boys Category:

In the U13 boys category, the team displayed their strength and determination, earning a well-deserved 2nd place. Haider, one of the team's standout runners, clinched an impressive 3rd place as an individual, adding to the team's success.

U13 Girls Category:

The U13 girls category saw the Rhinos securing 1st place as a team. Individually, Vilde and Celina delivered remarkable performances, with Vilde finishing in 1st place and Celina in 3rd, contributing significantly to the team's victory.

U15 Boys Category:

In the U15 boys category, the Rhinos once again demonstrated their prowess, taking 2nd place as a team. Danichiro, a standout performer, claimed 2nd place as an individual, highlighting his exceptional running skills.

U15 Girls Category:

The U15 girls category witnessed another 2nd place finish for the Rhinos, who displayed their consistent excellence. Marline, an outstanding athlete, seized 1st place as an individual, showcasing her dedication and speed on the track.

U19 Boys Category:

While the U19 boys' team required more runners to qualify as a team, Jamie shone as an individual, securing 1st place. His remarkable achievement underscores his commitment to the sport.

U19 Girls Category:

The U19 girls category was a resounding success for the Rhinos, as they secured a commanding 1st place finish as a team. Zoe, Albee, and Suhasini further elevated the team's performance by claiming the top spots individually, with Zoe in 1st, Albee in 3rd, and Suhasini in 4th place.

The ISHCMC Rhinos Cross Country team's stellar performance at the SISAC league meet is a testament to their hard work and dedication throughout the season. The runners and coaches have reason to celebrate a highly successful campaign. Their remarkable achievements in various categories have brought glory to their school, and their dedication to the sport has surely inspired many. Congratulations to the ISHCMC Rhinos for a job well done!



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