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ISHCMC Secondary Athletes Write Another Chapter of Success in Latest SISAC Tournament

In a season full of hard work and skill, ISHCMC Secondary sports teams once again showed how good they are in the Saigon International Schools Athletic Conference (SISAC). This local league, involving more than 15 schools, gave our students a chance to prove their skills, teamwork, and love for sports.

U13 Girls A Football Team: Dominating and Talented

The ISHCMC U13 Girls A Football team stole the spotlight with their exceptional performance, securing a commanding 1st place victory with a 3-1 win over ABCIS. Their impressive 10-2 overall season record, including victories against U14 teams at ASAC, showcased not only their talent but also their resilience on the field. The team's 3rd place finish at the ASAC tournament further emphasized their skill, positioning them as early favorites for next year as 8th graders. 

U13 Table Tennis Team: Notable and a Promising 

The U13 Table Tennis team demonstrated notable skill, earning a well-deserved 2nd place finish at the SISAC Tournament. With a memorable 5-2 overall season record, the team of 6th graders showcased dedication and talent throughout their matches. Despite facing tough competition, especially from AISVN, the team is believed going on a promising journey to the U13 Championship next year.

U19 Boys Basketball Team: Champions with an Impressive Win

The U19 Boys Basketball team finished their season with a memorable win over SSIS in the SISAC Tournament, becoming champions with a final score of 57-32. They had an outstanding season with a 17-2 record, also winning the ASAC Championship. 

U15 Girls A Football Team: Achieving a Remarkable 3rd Place

The U15 Girls A Football game at SSIS was canceled on 1st February 2024, resulting in a forfeit due to SSIS having too few players. Despite this, acknowledgement goes to the SISAC 3rd place U15 A Girls Football team for their efforts in the competition.

U15 Boys A Football team: Resilience Rewarded

A shoutout to the ISHCMC U15 Boys A Football team for their remarkable performance in the SISAC Final. Despite falling short in a thrilling shootout with a score of 2-3, their efforts earned them a well-deserved 2nd place finish. The regulation and sudden death periods ending in a 1-1 tie made it the most exciting game of the season. The game was filled with thrilling goal saves and blistering shots on goal. With an impressive 6-1 overall season record, the team can hold their heads high.

For all the teams 

The ISHCMC community extends heartfelt congratulations to all the athletes for their remarkable achievements in the SISAC Tournament. The dedication and spirit displayed by these athletes represent the school's commitment to fostering both athletic and personal growth among its students. All the performances was exceptional, showcasing the talent and resilience that make ISHCMC proud. The entire ISHCMC community eagerly anticipates future successes in upcoming competitions. 

To all the teams, keep your chins up; ISHCMC stands proudly beside you!



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