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Shooting Star: Rocco's Rise to Athletic Excellence at ISHCMC

This week, our spotlight is on Rocco, a Grade 5 student who joined our ISHCMC family almost two years ago when his family moved to Vietnam. Rocco's passion for sports, particularly basketball, has flourished during his time at our primary campus. He's not only an enthusiastic player but also a talented one, adding vibrancy to our sporting community.

From the moment Rocco set foot in Vietnam, he embraced the opportunity to try basketball. Despite his young age, Rocco has already collected a quite impressive collection of awards and medals, both within and outside ISHCMC. 

Renowned for his talent in shooting, Rocco has represented ISHCMC in numerous matches, catching the attention of coaches and teachers who recognize his exceptional skill and potential.

But victories on the court wouldn't be the only thing Rocco would learn at ISHCMC. The school's diverse cultural environment challenged him in unexpected ways. Reflecting on his journey, Arriving at ISHCMC, Rocco admits feeling nervous amidst the rich tapestry of cultures.

"There were so many different cultures in my class," he shares, "and I was really nervous."

Luckily, he found a supportive network.  His teachers helped him with academics and after-school activities, while his coaches tirelessly guided his basketball development, emphasizing not just skill, but also sportsmanship.

"They always focused on progress," Rocco says, "teaching me how to play with skills and never forgetting sportsmanship."

Today, Rocco embraces his life in Vietnam with open arms.  He thrives on the international atmosphere at ISHCMC, where his teammates come from all corners of the globe. This diversity enriches his basketball experience, as he learns from their unique styles and techniques.

"Teammates at ISHCMC come from everywhere,"

Rocco beams. "There are new people coming every day, and there are so many teams that I work with.  The backgrounds and cultures make it really fun to see how my friends play and shoot differently. They help me learn more skills and encourage me to be my best."

In his message to fellow students, Rocco advocates for embracing new opportunities and persevering through challenges. His journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of determination and an open mind. 

“Oh, now I'm all the way in Vietnam, I just want to say that everyone should try new things, experiences, and never give up if you really like what you are doing!”

As Rocco continues to shine on the basketball court, his story inspires us all to reach for our dreams with unwavering resilience and enthusiasm. So Rhinos, embrace challenges, chase dreams, and remember, ISHCMC is always by your side!



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