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Stingrays Triumph: Success Stories at the 1st Cognita League Swim Meet

The first-ever Cognita League Swim Meet, which took place last weekend at Stamford American International School in Singapore, marked a significant event in the world of competitive swimming. This competition brought together schools from the Cognita group, including those from Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Singapore, fostering international collaboration and friendly competition.

A total of 46 Stingrays swimmers from the International School Ho Chi Minh City (ISHCMC) participated in the event. Their performance was noteworthy, with 69 new personal best times achieved by the girls and 92 by the boys in individual races.

In the overall standings, the Stingrays secured the first-place position with a total of 1,222 points, underlining their consistent performance throughout the competition. The team earned 127 individual event medals, including 55 gold, 39 silver, and 33 bronze medals, demonstrating their competitive edge.

Breaking down the performance by gender, the boys' team contributed 575 points, while the girls' team added 487 points to the Stingrays' overall score, showcasing the balanced strength of the ISHCMC swimming program. Stamford American SG followed with 1,014 points, while AIS Sharks and Stamford American HK secured 877 and 654 points, respectively.

The 1st Cognita League Swim Meet provided a platform for 180 swimmers from the participating schools to showcase their talents and promote camaraderie among international schools. It highlighted the significance of collaboration and friendly competition within the Cognita community.



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