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Making Big Waves: Anh and his Swim to Success

At ISHCMC, we support and celebrate student’s interests, encouraging them to follow their passions while also excelling in studies. Anh's story is a great example of how our students can thrive both in what they love and in their academic journey at our school. Meet Anh, an enthusiastic eighth-grader from the ISHCMC swimming team, as we explore his inspiring story.

A Dive into Professional Swimming

Anh's journey into the world of swimming began innocently enough, with a desire for health in mind.

"I started swimming just because my mom wanted me to be healthy," Anh recalls. Little did he know that taking that first dive into swimming would set the stage for an incredible journey full of accomplishments.

It was in Grade 3 at ISHCMC that Anh responded to the call of dedicated coaches who recognized his potential. 

Reflecting on this journey, he shared, "As I practice swimming with ISHCMC, I started swimming competitively as I grew up, progressively immersing myself in the sport."

For Anh, ISHCMC isn't just a school; it's the driving force behind his journey into professional swimming.

"ISHCMC encouraged me to be in a lot of competitions and was the reason why I started swimming professionally. Without ISHCMC, the teams, the coaches and mentors, I believe I would have never been in the place that I am in now," Anh asserts. 

Big Win in Dong Thap

Anh's accomplished moment shines through as he shares, "My proudest swimming achievement is the national student swimming tournament in Dong Thap - where I was able to grab 3rd place overall in 50 backstroke."

The journey was no easy task, but with the unwavering support of dedicated coaches, Anh navigated through difficulties, pushing the boundaries of his swimming capabilities.

Anh attributes his success significantly to the guidance provided by coaches Walid, Sami, and especially his mother. According to him, their encouragement has played a crucial role in his achievements, from helping him find relay teams to creating opportunities for competition.

"They helped me to train and gave me the reason to practice every day."

Balancing Academics and Athletics

Speaking about the support he receives as a student-athlete, Anh expresses gratitude for ISHCMC's flexibility in accommodating his training schedule. "The school helps me a lot with my study also, they go extra miles to balance me being in the class and me swimming," he says.

With flexible schedules and academic help, Anh not only excelled in swimming but also achieved success in academic competition.

In January 2024, he, along with his schoolmate, clinched 3rd place at the Vietnam British Parliamentary Championship, representing ISHCMC.

This noteworthy accomplishment showcases Anh's proficiency not only in swimming but also in academic competitions, demonstrating that at ISHCMC, students are encouraged to shine in diverse arenas.

Anh reflects on his journey, he imparts two powerful messages to his peers and the wider school community. "Trust in ISHCMC, it actually helps you a lot," he emphasizes, underscoring the pivotal role the school plays in shaping his journey. And secondly, "Never give up on your dreams," a motto that has undoubtedly fueled Anh's path to becoming an ISHCMC Believer Achiever.

As we witness Anh's inspiring journey, ISHCMC takes pride in nurturing well-rounded individuals. His achievements showcase the seamless integration of academic and athletic excellence. As the next chapter unfolds for Anh, both the academic and sports teams at ISHCMC can't be more excited to see what the future holds for this remarkable student.



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