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Revisiting the Primary Production: A Journey to The Land of Classic Game Characters

Our Primary students took us to a pixelated video game world in a fully packed 3-day Primary Production from April 24-26.

Taking place at our Secondary Theater, ‘Press Start’ was a musical performance performed by our Primary Students which transported us to the pixelated world of video games, coupled with 8-bit synthesizers evoking classic Nintendo and Sega character sounds. We got the chance to see a side of the heroes, villains, and sidekicks we've never seen before thanks to amusing and emotional musical numbers.

Reflecting on the students’ performances, Ms. Jennifer Shrine - the coordinator of Press Start, commented:

“The students’ performances blew us all away”.

In order to bring such moving, funny and entertaining reality, Ms. Jennifer especially highlighted the commitment of the students in regularly attending rehearsals and creating their own colorful props and costumes! (Do note they will be displayed at the upcoming Primary Art Gala, so don’t forget to check them out soon!)

According to Ms. Jennifer, this was the first time a Primary Musical Production was brought to the Secondary Theatre. Thus, the students indeed had to face many challenges in terms of delivering and logistics. However, our students did such great work to overcome those tough obstacles!

“The students adapted incredibly well to the big stage, and they transformed under the light and in a “real theater.” - Ms. Jennifer added.

Besides challenges, there were also hilarious moments that our crew hadn’t expected to come. During the performance, the audience can participate by playing with gold rings. Despite months of practice for calmly passing rings to the center aisles, the excited audience threw nearly 200 rings at the unprepared actors on opening night, causing chaos on stage.

“Truly unexpected, slightly scary, but hilarious in retrospect”, Ms Jennifer hilariously shared.

The Primary Production is a great chance for ISHCMC students to collaborate on a creative project and enjoy themselves.

‘Through Press Start, our students have built confidence to take on challenges with confidence and courage’ - Ms. Jennifer expressed.

Once again, congratulations to our Primary theater superstars and Ms. Jennifer for bringing us such cute and wonderful evenings of performances. Following “Press Start”’ amazing success, as Ms. Jennifer revealed, many Lower Primary students are already expressing interest in joining the next production! We can’t wait to see what’s next!



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