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Wellbeing and Safeguarding in Safe Hands at ISHCMC

I am Ms. Priya Mitchell, and I am a new Rhino as I take up the post of Wellbeing and Safeguarding Architect.

I am extremely pleased to have the opportunity to work at ISHCMC where the ethos of wellbeing is at the core of what we do on a daily basis. This is in line with my professional and personal values and beliefs. With over 30 years of experience of working with children in a number of professional settings, I am hoping to use my skills and knowledge to support the further development of wellbeing and safeguarding within the school.

As we navigate the start of the academic year and home-based learning (HBL), we are conscious of the challenges this may be posing for some families with internet access, possible time zone differences and generally motivating your son or daughter to engage with online learning. With face-to-face opportunities to see friends not being available, this may be frustrating to our children. We are fortunate to have strong pastoral support within the school and your son/daughter will have met both their Homeroom Teacher and Advisors. They are great first points of contact if you are wanting to discuss wellbeing worries.

Below, please find three weblinks to resources to help support you as parents whilst we remain in HBL.

This year, the Counselling Teams have been expanded so there are three Counsellors in the Primary School, whom the Primary Principal will be introducing in her letter to parents this week. The Secondary School benefits from the Socio-Emotional Counsellors and a College Counsellor as well as an intern who will be working, under supervision, within the team on a part time basis.

In my role, I am looking forward to working with all stakeholders within the community. I have met the Chair and Co-Chair of the PTO within my interview process, and I look forward to having other opportunities to speak with them in due course.

The newly established Wellbeing Council has some exciting projects in the pipeline, including the roll out of the Positive Education Program, which is an EE-12 initiative, which combines education principles with study of happiness and wellbeing. ISHCMC’s Wellbeing Principles follow the PERMAH framework of Positive Education i.e. Positive Emotions, Engagement, Resilience, Meaning, Achievement and Health. Students will follow a curriculum to empower them to learn skills and tools to flourish within their day to day lives. Further details will follow as the year progresses.

Within my role, I am conducting a thorough review of the School’s Safeguarding Policy & Procedures alongside the Senior Leadership Team.

You will find below two posters showing the members of the Crisis Response Team and the staff who you can contact if you are worried about a child. These posters will be added to our parent and student portals as well as printed off and placed at points around the school building.

The wider Safeguarding Team is being extended to work on education projects for all stakeholders. A strategic plan for ISHCMC is to become a city-wide lead on Child Protection and Safeguarding and then to set our sights wider afield. Child Protection and Safeguarding is an area I am extremely passionate about and having worked alongside Government entities in my last role, I am hoping to build strong relationships with the Government Departments and NGOs within the city.

I look forward to meeting you online or in person very soon.



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